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Sunday, January 29, 2006

All right!

K. You guys want more people? Well, I am not going to do it all by myself. It is hell! If you guys see anyone that is based off a heroic type movie, or anything villanous or whatever. They can even be a poser. Just try to find their e-mail, and gimme it! E-mail their e-mail to me:


*If prof. Xavier has anything to say, you are welcome to post on this post!*

Noob? who me?

Vampirella walks in the room and everyone grabs a chair. Someone says okay now take off the mask….
Vampirella pouts,"Awww do I have to. I don’t want to go occ. The real me is soooooooooo boring."
The crowd starts cheering in encouragement

Okay Who am I?
Hmmm I am an
Age (level) 23 NE Druid enchanter/tailor… Hmmm no no that is my character in WOW
Age (level) 53 Gnome warlock engineer/miner nope another wow character
Oh I know I am the Blackwidow…. Wait that was my character in the waterpond my yahoo groups
I snap my finger… A miner in a big corpotation (dang no that was EVE). OH I KNOW!!!!
I am a Mon Calimari name Starkiss Tuna I am a chef and love Elvis Mon Calamari no no that was SWG
Oh I am a sexy green Twil' lek with pink dots in my Lekku. I wear a black Lekku wrap black skintight infiltrator suit and black boots. I am a Tera Kasi and a dancer. Yoda whispers, "I think that is a SWG character as well." But her name it was who I am it was oh I remember my name is November Rain aka Novy… (some times Novrain) I am an Oglon from nightfall… wait that was a MUD… but I am getting close… I am November Rain (Carola-Dawn [and no the first half isn't pronounced like the car] Deschamps) but everyone on and off the pc (except for family) call me Novy. I am (do I have to say my age?) okay I am 35 years old and I am an American living in Germany. Munich (if any of yyou come this way let me know I love plaing hostess)

I know I know you knew it right?

Why did I start a blog like this?
Well, I started blogging and my first blog is not any thing specia, its completely about me in RL I guessl. Don’t remember how but I found Fluke and he was so funny. So when I would get bored (or a server crashed lol) I would blog surf through his blog roll. From there I found Captain P and Jon. Then one day I was bored and decided I would mess with Jon ….. Which is why I chose Vampirella….

Why did I choose Vampi?
Now if I do RP and I choose a comic book character it normally is Black Widow but Jon was fighting Vampires and though I didn’t know her story I remember my dad reading Vampirella (he was a HUGE comic book collector and had comic books worth bootels of $$$$$) Anyhow I didn’t know her story but I knew of her and thought I would I created her to mess with him a little. (play the bad guy but OPPS turned out she is a goodie goodie lol) So I had to get into character and well the rest is as they say history

I later also choose Hotstuff and Madgalena. Because I was going to kill Vampi and then have her return to life in a storyline...

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?
Oh Boy… I like RPG but I am not into PVP as much as I am into PIP (player interaction with player) so I am use to working with others in Guilds and stuff.
When I did my MUD I was working with the newspaper as a gossip columnist and I had to make up gossip stories about the players. When I played SWG my guild ask me to do the same and it was fun… With SWG I could take screen shots and play with images to make it really look as if the players was upto something juicy OR (yeah I am getting to my point) I used screen shots of graphic errors… LOL and SWG had a lot of them!!!! So I made up the story according to the pictures… Same with now… I find pictures and use them to make up the story. I recently have also been combining my storyline with other bloggers. (looks esp at Vegeta). Which was great I could shape my story to his and then play with ideas in way I hadn't considered taking my story...
I write an idea out like right now I have in drafts my post for several posts and then I change things around or add with what ever is going on around with other bloggers… I also did a survey thingy to see where my readers want me to take the story LOL

Where do you find pictures to post
Goggle image, yahoo and web search
Then I have PSP and I have fun (evil laughter)

Am I done can I put my red body wrap back on I mean I feel so exposed and naked here….

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's awfully quiet around here...

...Too quiet.

Hey, cardbored, will you be extending invitations to other bloggers? I'm thinking Vampirella, Captain Picard, maybe Karnov if he's interested -- although he's a "real" person.

There's a whole slew of Lord of the Rings bloggers out there, as well.

And now for your entertainment portion of this post:

Friday, January 13, 2006

I am cardboard

Since I am not Shaak ti, I can't be in the Star Wars thing, But The cardbored knight is still a hero, So you know what? I am staying in this blog. I hope you enjoy me! Anywho, I am trying to make a DVD soon. Mayve in a month or two, and if you guys want it, it will probally be very cheap. Like 3 dollars, plus S&H... I dont know. I am not going to be all immature and stuff (sorry Bill, your not admin, you have star wars, I am afraid you might take me off this, I don't know. It probally isn't even that important to you anyway). But I am only 14 and I act pretty stupid sometimes... Anyway, I am going to start putting my music online. Once google video starts working, it kinda is making me mad right now. It has been a wek and my damn video won't come up! (Hence no new movies) So sorry for the people that usually go to my site.

I hope the other Star Wars people understand me. I still might post as Shaak Ti, just to be stupid. Cuz I get this feelin' sometimes. So, how are you guys doing?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anarchy Bedlam

So um, hi! I guess I should start by saying my name is Dana. Yup.. Um. I'm 15, though I will be turning 16 on the 28th. I live in lovely California and have been an X-Men fan since the X-Men: Evoltion days (though you would never know by looking at my comic collection.

Why did I start a blog like this?

I read Professor Xavier's and thought it would be fun. I actually agonized over it for a few days because I thought it would get in the way of school. It hasn't really. Namely because I don't post all too often. I also love RPing. Which seemed somewhat similar. So... yeah.

Why did I choose Emma and Wanda?

Well, I chose Emma because she was one of the very misunderstood characters. I hated when people bashed her for wearing what she does and because she had an affair with Scott. I probably wouldn't have picked her up, had it not been that, at the time, Professor Xavier's blog was speaking ill of Gambit. I enjoy Emma much more.

After awhile, I was getting bashed, so I decided to pick up someone else: Wanda. Her blog is great fun, considering I'm the only Avenger (Save Tony Stark, though he doesn't post). That and I thought it would be fun to mess with Magneto.

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?

Various storylines and other bloggers. Sometimes even television shows, from books or just pictures I see. But most of the time, I follow the story lines around the blogs.

Where do you find pictures to post

Google and from other various sites. Whatever I can scrounge up.

So yeah. Thats me. I guess.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Phoenix Rising

Okay. My name is Remington, but you can call me Remy. I'm a 20 yr old comic fan from Texas, and have loved the X-Men since I first saw The Animated Series.

Alright. On to Jean.

Why did I start a blog like this?
Well, I started with one of my friends, who plays Emma. I love to RP, and this was just another way to do so. My first choice would have been Emma, but she was already being used by my friend. I had been reading Professor Xavier's blog and thought it looked like fun, so I thought "Who could I be, and still have fun?" Which leads me to the second question:

Why did I choose Jean?
I just loved the fact that I could go back and forth with her. Playing off the whole Phoenix/Dark Phoenix thing. I would play her more true to character, but I liked it when she would just lose it. It also meant for lots of back and forth with Emma, and some picking on Scott. I always try to have fun with her, and she is one of my favourite characters.

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?
Mainly I go off of Professor and the other X-Bloggers. But sometimes I use the comics and cartoons, and especially the Phoenix. I never realized that some of my posts would actually influence some of the other bloggers as well.

Where do you find pictures to post?
Google usually. I have alot of my own, and sometimes I use Photoshop, but not often.

So. That's it. Heh. I guess.. if you have questions or something... or whatever. Hi. And stuff.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I am starting to drift away from being Shaak Ti. I don't have much freedom to do what I want when I am Shaak Ti. I do when I am Cardbored Knight because i can video tape. I can't really stick with both Cardboredknight and Shaak Ti. So, I guess I am saying goodbye, but you guys can still talk to me and stuff on my Cardbored knight site. I would really appreciate it if you guys leave me messages on that blog instead. You guys are awesome, and I am glad you are dedicated. And I am pretty sure some people knew this would happen soon. So, good-bye, in a sense...


Casting Call

hey to anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have Deadpool has his own TV show. So right now the show is looking for people to audition and if anyone is willing to let me use there character that would be great thanks! :)

p.s. Should we invite the other x-people to join this blog as well?


I got invited to this blog by Shaak Ti a while ago... weeks in fact... maybe a month... Anyway, I got the e-mail, decided I'd consider it, and then forgot all about it. I do that often. Now, if I can remember who I am, I ought to introduce myself.

My real name is Chris, 16, from New Zealand. Officially, I work for Waitemata District Health Board filing medical specimens. Unofficially, I work for Count Dooku and General Grievous writing scripts for short films and providing much needed cynicism. My favorite subjects at school are Latin and Chemistry; I do not like Chinese food; my star sign is Sagittarius and my motto is "sarcasm is the spice of life". Right, enough about me, now on to... who's my character again? Ah, yes, Jar Jar.

Why did I start a blog like this?
I ask myself that question every day. I wanted to exercise my creative writing skills, and have a bit of fun in the process if at all possible. I had read Yoda's and Obi-Wan Kenobi's blogs, and liked them. Ergo, I now spend two or three hours a week pretending to be a deranged frog-man with a thankless administration job. Not much different from reality, come to that.

Why did I choose Jar Jar?
Jar Jar is my favorite character in Star Wars. Let that sink in. You may have never met anyone else who would willingly admit that. I don't like that everyone hates him so much. How much is he hated? I googled "Jar Jar Binks" once. Three of the top ten pages were informational. One was a fan listing. Five were sites with names like "Jar Jar Binks must die". One was from the Landover Baptist Church newsletter, claiming that Jar Jar was satanic (apparently, "his forked tongue, his lapping, his malignant features, are all too noticeable to the Christ-centered man") and corrupted small children. I was also furious that George Lucas gave him one frikkin' line in Revenge of the Sith.
In short, I wanted to get Jar Jar some good press for once.

If I post often, where do I get my ideas?
Ah... ideas... let's just move along, shall we? I'll have some by tomorrow afternoon, I promise...

Where do I find pictures to post?
Well... I don't. Jar Jar's blog is actually rather featureless with regards to pictures.

So - hello, here I am, how are you? Yes, I want to know.