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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay its not far away and suddenly I remembered that last year I forgot all about FCBD.

I was shattered that I forgot that it was coming and resolved that this year I would not forget. So for this years FCBD I've gone to the official website to view what is on offer and mention what I'm gonna be ordering from my local comic store.

~Readers note Captain Koma's "local" comic store is about half an hour from him by car at approximately 100 km/h. Yes thats pretty far away. The next closest store is over 100kms away. Country life may make it easier to breathe but it doesn't make comics easier to read.~

I had a look at the so called GOLD comics. What took my fancy was this.

Cars -

Who doesn't love Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen.
Coolness Factor - 3 Ch-pow's

So onto the Silver comics.

Super Apes really its like they made it just for me.

What you don't know about Atomic Robo who was made by Nikola Tesla and works for the US government stopping crazy freaky stuff like Nazi robot cyborgs and Pyramids.

Owly -

Who doesn't love Owly. What you don't love Owly?

I'll do some more later on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

H:U on facebook

Yep thats right I've gone and put up a H:U group on facebook.

Its about time too.

Slowly we've been heamoraging members for the last few years and we need to find you all again. Also we need to find some new ones too. Joining the social networking revolution (albeit a bit late) I think just might give us a few new members and get a few back who've dissapeared.

Check it out - Heroes : United on Facebook