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Monday, April 30, 2012

Heroes United Forum

Incidently, if anyone is interested in communicating or hanging out, the Heroes United forum is still active. Here's the link -

We chat, play games, talk nerd stuff, etc. All are welcome.


Blogger Mr. Bennet said...

This so-called forum doesn't even work! mySQL errors all over the place.

7:54 AM

Blogger Claude Rains said...

As much as I hate to agree with,Rookie, I didn't see anythin' of note goin' on over there.

7:08 AM

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Blogger kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Find-out what RCIA means and join.
And trustNjesus, bro.
God bless your indelible soul.

1:57 PM

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This so-called forum doesn't even work! mySQL errors all over the place.


2:52 AM

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