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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do you have what it takes?

Are you a frustrated clerk, or wage slave wanting to get revenge back at a world that has pigeon holed you into a dead-end existance? Are you a geek or nerd who's had enough of being picked on by those who are more masculine and hirsute than you? Do want to stick it to the man?

Super-villianary is an equal opportunity employer.

Black, white, red, green, male and female. All can apply.

Want to get revenge on the cheerleaders and the pretty girls who slapped you around. Or the domineering boss who only hired you for your looks. Or your just angry at those magzines and all that self doubt and bad body image issues they put you through.

See we offer a wide range of possibilities. If payback is a bitch why no become one.
Well then you should try the wonderful world of Super-villainary.

** If you really want to join up and play e-mail Koma