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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Noob? who me?

Vampirella walks in the room and everyone grabs a chair. Someone says okay now take off the mask….
Vampirella pouts,"Awww do I have to. I don’t want to go occ. The real me is soooooooooo boring."
The crowd starts cheering in encouragement

Okay Who am I?
Hmmm I am an
Age (level) 23 NE Druid enchanter/tailor… Hmmm no no that is my character in WOW
Age (level) 53 Gnome warlock engineer/miner nope another wow character
Oh I know I am the Blackwidow…. Wait that was my character in the waterpond my yahoo groups
I snap my finger… A miner in a big corpotation (dang no that was EVE). OH I KNOW!!!!
I am a Mon Calimari name Starkiss Tuna I am a chef and love Elvis Mon Calamari no no that was SWG
Oh I am a sexy green Twil' lek with pink dots in my Lekku. I wear a black Lekku wrap black skintight infiltrator suit and black boots. I am a Tera Kasi and a dancer. Yoda whispers, "I think that is a SWG character as well." But her name it was who I am it was oh I remember my name is November Rain aka Novy… (some times Novrain) I am an Oglon from nightfall… wait that was a MUD… but I am getting close… I am November Rain (Carola-Dawn [and no the first half isn't pronounced like the car] Deschamps) but everyone on and off the pc (except for family) call me Novy. I am (do I have to say my age?) okay I am 35 years old and I am an American living in Germany. Munich (if any of yyou come this way let me know I love plaing hostess)

I know I know you knew it right?

Why did I start a blog like this?
Well, I started blogging and my first blog is not any thing specia, its completely about me in RL I guessl. Don’t remember how but I found Fluke and he was so funny. So when I would get bored (or a server crashed lol) I would blog surf through his blog roll. From there I found Captain P and Jon. Then one day I was bored and decided I would mess with Jon ….. Which is why I chose Vampirella….

Why did I choose Vampi?
Now if I do RP and I choose a comic book character it normally is Black Widow but Jon was fighting Vampires and though I didn’t know her story I remember my dad reading Vampirella (he was a HUGE comic book collector and had comic books worth bootels of $$$$$) Anyhow I didn’t know her story but I knew of her and thought I would I created her to mess with him a little. (play the bad guy but OPPS turned out she is a goodie goodie lol) So I had to get into character and well the rest is as they say history

I later also choose Hotstuff and Madgalena. Because I was going to kill Vampi and then have her return to life in a storyline...

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?
Oh Boy… I like RPG but I am not into PVP as much as I am into PIP (player interaction with player) so I am use to working with others in Guilds and stuff.
When I did my MUD I was working with the newspaper as a gossip columnist and I had to make up gossip stories about the players. When I played SWG my guild ask me to do the same and it was fun… With SWG I could take screen shots and play with images to make it really look as if the players was upto something juicy OR (yeah I am getting to my point) I used screen shots of graphic errors… LOL and SWG had a lot of them!!!! So I made up the story according to the pictures… Same with now… I find pictures and use them to make up the story. I recently have also been combining my storyline with other bloggers. (looks esp at Vegeta). Which was great I could shape my story to his and then play with ideas in way I hadn't considered taking my story...
I write an idea out like right now I have in drafts my post for several posts and then I change things around or add with what ever is going on around with other bloggers… I also did a survey thingy to see where my readers want me to take the story LOL

Where do you find pictures to post
Goggle image, yahoo and web search
Then I have PSP and I have fun (evil laughter)

Am I done can I put my red body wrap back on I mean I feel so exposed and naked here….


Blogger Vegeta said...


4:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:05 AM

Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Welcome. I can't believe that I'm your inspiration (although I did see that last week in your NR blog), I am honored.

And I don't know if you want to play Hostess to these characters, that might make you a Twinkie. Ha ha! Get it? Aw fergit it.

6:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol Thanks Jon (didnt know you visited my NR blog) lol

Inspiration well give credit where it is due

Fluke started it, then you gave a little nudge (unknowingly) and Vegeta has been jumping in and getting me in even furthur (not that you have to push to hard lol)

lol.. twinkie lol

7:46 AM

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

So . . Darklon is in Germany? That explains a lot.

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Explains alot as in the time frame ???


yeah I am like 6 hrs a head of EST

or explains alot in another way :P

5:09 PM

Blogger Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Wöhnen Sie in München? Cool!
Mir gefähllt Neuschwanstein Schloss! Es ist super!

8:00 PM


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