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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The lady reveals herself

Its funny (well, not really) I play one of the oldest characters -even if she doesn't act old- and I think I'm the youngest here.

My name is Carli, I'm 15 and I live in Ontario in Canada.

Why did I start a blog like this?

I saw James's (Prf. Xavier) blog and really liked it. I too posted for a while as someone else-Gaia (duh) and when Nabeel started a blog I thought I should too. Its fun and gives me something to do in my spare time. This will sound kinda corny, but when I'm stressed it helps me escape to my own little world.

Why did I choose Gaia?

Well, when I was reading James's blog I did plan to make a blog sometime. I wanted to choose a really good character and I was looking through all of them on and I came across Gaia. She had reality warping abilities, but not much else was known about her. She was a character I could play with and design myself.

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?

A lot of it is just stuff that pops into my mind, but often I go on what some of the other X-Men characters are writing about, like the Shadow King thing.

Where do I find pictures to post?

Google. I don't have photo bucket or anything. Maybe I should get it...

Well, that's it. Its short, but its me.


Blogger Deadpool said...

Howdy Carli! Really enjoy reading you're blog when I have the time. You're probably the youngest, but not by much.

8:10 PM

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hi Carli, nice to meet you.

I've really enjoyed the sort of improv, taking turns adding a page to a story thing we've been doing. I like reading your blog and I'm glad you're here.

2:45 AM

Blogger Vegeta said...

It's nice to see the x-men bloggers are starting to join in .
I enjoy reading all of your blogs.

4:25 AM

Blogger flu said...

I think Obi may be younger...



but it ain't me, that's for sure.

12:22 PM

Blogger Cardboard Knight said...

Hello! How art thee?

-Sir Cardbored

12:02 PM

Blogger Jedi Katt said...

*lol* I'm not here but I'm 14...
By the way, How old Master Kenobi is?

6:34 PM


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