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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Coughinator

[This is from Star Wars United]

Hi, I'm Johnathan, 16, and also from New Zealand.

How did i start my blog?

Well I'm friends with Chris and Nick (who write Dooku's and Jar Jar's blogs) Well as Nick said Chris started his then Nick did and i kind of tagged along and created Grievous's blog

Why Grievous?

Well i like lightsabers (well who doesn't) and lightsaber battles so Grievous seemed like an obvious character to blog (as well as that (from what i know) i can make alot of stuff up and don't have too much to adhere to)

Where do i get my ideas from?

Ahh... no where (i suppose this is evident) i just thought that Grievous should:
A) cough alot
B) hate droids despite being part droid himself
well thats about it i just based my ideas from that, although there will be new themes coming soon ;)


Well i haven't be blogging recently as we (Chris, Nick and me) have had exams and i was revising for them (Chris and Nick don't study as much as me) but now i'm back with more ideas than ever