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Friday, January 13, 2006

I am cardboard

Since I am not Shaak ti, I can't be in the Star Wars thing, But The cardbored knight is still a hero, So you know what? I am staying in this blog. I hope you enjoy me! Anywho, I am trying to make a DVD soon. Mayve in a month or two, and if you guys want it, it will probally be very cheap. Like 3 dollars, plus S&H... I dont know. I am not going to be all immature and stuff (sorry Bill, your not admin, you have star wars, I am afraid you might take me off this, I don't know. It probally isn't even that important to you anyway). But I am only 14 and I act pretty stupid sometimes... Anyway, I am going to start putting my music online. Once google video starts working, it kinda is making me mad right now. It has been a wek and my damn video won't come up! (Hence no new movies) So sorry for the people that usually go to my site.

I hope the other Star Wars people understand me. I still might post as Shaak Ti, just to be stupid. Cuz I get this feelin' sometimes. So, how are you guys doing?


Blogger Master Yoda said...

It's all cool.

But I would never take you off the blog.

8:39 PM

Blogger Cardboard Knight said...

Did you make me un-admin?

9:23 PM

Blogger Master Yoda said...

I did.

I wouldn't have, but you said in your post titled "You Fargen Bastages", " guys are welcome for the site (which I can delete at any time and make you guys go through hell,..."

Of course, you then said that you wouldn't delete the blog since you are too mature. But the very fact that you mentioned it in the first place forces one to wonder if you at least thought about it.

I didn't think you would delete it, but I couldn't take that chance. I had to protect the group, which is why I chose to remove your Admin rights.

I hope you understand.

7:17 AM

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