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Sunday, February 19, 2006

You Voted!

Looks like this is both an Out Of Character blog as well as a Role Playing blog.

Personally, when this blog was created I thought it was going to be RP and we'd all have some story going. But with both we can do that and if anyone has something to say they can just post it.


Blogger Alassë Ëarfalas said...

Hi, there!

You told me to leave you my e-mail, so here it is:

Thanks!! :-)

6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOC- what I would suggest if you post something that really is out of character then put it in the title OOC that way anyone who would rather not read it and just stay in character can by pass it

(just an idea)

I am like a willow tree I bend easily

6:00 AM

Blogger Arwen Undomiel said...

Do willow trees necessarilly bend easily?

Ah, I think I posted the wrong E-mail. Anyways, I was reciommended for joinination by Legolas, so here's my E-mail:

5:23 PM


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