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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Apprentice: Mercenary Edition

Alright so Jon's LSG got me thinking about spoofing my own game show, so I thought I'd do my own version of the Apprentice once LSG is done, whoever wins will become Deadpool's apprentice. I'll teach them all the ropes about hunting people for money. But first wanted to post to see if anyone's interested. As looking for two eyes and ears(judges kinda) to help. Although you're character would have to have some sort of relationship with merc' biz(for judging that is)

Basic premise of The Apprentice, for those of you who have never watched the show before, is that Donald Trump is looking for an "apprentice" to run one of his companies. I think there's like 20 candiates that are split up into two teams. Each week they are assigned a task that involves something that would be similar to their job, like coming up with a marketing campagin for a new pizza or managing a charity concert. The team that wins that task gets a prize, the other losing team shall have someone fired(could be one, could be more). The leader of that team(Each week there's a different leader) picks up to two people to go in the board room with him/her. Each one argues a case why they shouldn't be fired and why someone else should. A judge observes each team and reports back to Trump who they think should be fired.

So basically in the blog game I'll be doing the same thing, except instead of the business type tasks it'll be something like protect Bea Arthur from Betty White. Probably the project manage would first post a startegey and than everyone else would post their own version of what happened during the task. At the end the winner gets to become Deadpool's apprentice. Also if you feel that the character you currently are using for your blog wouldn't join, but still want to particpate you're more than welcomed to pick a character that you feel would be fun to use. As long as the character doesn't have a strict code against killing it can join in the game. So you can't be Spiderman, but you could be someone say like the Punisher(but realistically he wouldn't join). Looking for someone a bit impresshionable.

Let me know if you're interested by posting in the comment box or at the forum.



Blogger Vegeta said...

How about Fixit or Wolverine As a judge?

11:04 PM


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