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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Invites and Blogroll

Hi Heroes (and the occasional villian)

For those who wishes to join pleease email me or one of the admins (email links in sidebar)

If you have joined and dont see your name in the blogroll please email me and let me know and I will get you on the members blog-roll

for those who wants a HU button for the site see the side bar

Dont forget to also re-register to the forum... We have Character smilies and avatars and now have the blog roll listed... just click the sidebar link


Blogger Legolas said...

Cows are evil. Keep that in mind.

1:18 PM

Blogger Jaina Solo said...

I'm not on the blogroll Vampi.

2:50 PM

Blogger Pantha said...


6:05 PM

Blogger Leia Skywalker Solo said...

Hey - Princesses are heroes too!

9:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Lia I will get you on

meanwhile please join the forum :)

5:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

leia--- I have sent your invite
as soon as you join I will add you to blogroll also you have an avatar and smiliey waiting for you in the forum

8:47 AM


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