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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Updated: New forum (OOC)

Updated: 7:45 germany---

the forum I created crash and now doesnt exist since I am the only admin atm and havent deleted it the
the problem is with the boards
I have contacted someone and they are aware of it... said some boards are down for maintence

Deadpool has suggested another board so I might go with it

update 4:45 germany --

I have recreate the forum... the place does still allow free forums so I am not sure what happen I am trying to get a hold of Barriss and I have subbmitted a ticket to IPS about our missing forum

anyhow I have re-created it here

since I created the avatars/ smilies/ background etc... I have it saved in a file and will soon re load it all and things will be back

I will also recreate the forums

please be patient as this will take time


I could find a registry to redo the forum and Since only Barriss can delete the forum and I doubt she did I think our Forum came victim to a company no longer providing a free service... hey it happens and lets pray blog never does it

I could be wrong... I am currently redoing the forum with another free service company and will post updates

edit: okay when I got it set up I will post a link right now is not a good time because this one isnt working so I will try another site


Blogger Deadpool said...

My guess is that the serve may have crashed. I checked another invision free site and it seems to be working fine.

If problem still persist with the new board I'd suggest using forumer. Its pretty good, I use if for my forum. And 100x better than proboardz

8:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks deadpool

9:25 AM


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