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Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, on my blog yesterday I was cranky because...

...I'd just seen the truly awful Martian Successor Nadesico dub when I was accidentally given the dub instead of the sub for volume ten at the local anime store. Anyway JLO (Justice League Obscure) is now in the makings with such obscurians (new word?) as Ultra the Multi-Alien, the Legion of Super-Pets (a sub-team), Ace the Bat-Hound (as a member of the Super-Pets), Itty (also in the Super Pets), B'wana Beast, Forager of the New Gods, Geo-Force, Air-Wave, and Mary Marvel. Sorry Corbascide, but Black Canary is more well known than Mary and we needed a female. To give a history lesson: Ultra killed the title Mysteries in Space. The Super-Pets are, well, Super-Pets. What's more obscure and ridiculous? Ace the Bathound is Batman's dog. Itty was Green Lantern's pet whom I have heard much about but never seen. B'wana Beast was in Showcase for two issues then appeared in Animal Man's life. He looks pretty cool. Forager was one of those strange Jack Kirby New Gods creations. I opted for him over Lonar because, no offense to you Lonar fans but he's really got no character or interesting features at all. Forager's got a cool costume. Geo-Force is a member of one of my favorite Super-teams, the Outsiders and was even leader for awhile. Air-Wave starred with Superman Mary Marvel, who is a member of the Captain Marvel family over from Fawcett comics.


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

I was always a big fan of the Super-Pets. An idea just too absorb not to work.

5:17 PM

Blogger J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

So do you want to be them?

2:04 PM

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