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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Team Blog!

With the recent announcement of the hiatus of Master Yoda's blog and Grievous/Rage's blog, as well as the new "reality show" ideas posted by Jon and Jango, it seems that we're all looking for some inspiration and fresh ideas. I am no exception. Therefore, I have just launched a new blog called "Dex in the City." This is a team blog and I hope you will all join in.

Q & A:

1. What's the purpose of this new blog?
The premise is that this is Dex's Diner and anyone can stop in and share a story, post an excerpt to promote their blog, or just gossip or vent about anything. I want this blog to be a "jumping off" point that will link to all the other sci-fi bloggers. I won't be linking to the profiles - I'll be linking to your actual blogs.

2. What are the rules?
I'd like everyone to post in character. You can post just about anything you want. "In character" doesn't mean you can't blog about whatever you want. For example, as Padme, I might blog about something cool I bought or a TV show or song I like - and these can be real items. Dex might also occasionally post links to really great blog posts or sci-fi news that might be of interest to us all. I know it sounds confusing, but basically you can post anything as long as you are speaking as your character and not saying things like, hey I'm going on vacation and won't be blogging for awhile. That is what Unplugged is for.

3. Who can join?
All sci-fi bloggers, not just the Star Wars universe. If you want to participate, email me and I'll send you an invite. Also, can one of the unplugged admins send me an invite for Dex to - thanks!

4. Hey, you hardly ever update your Padme blog and now you're starting a new one? What's up with that?
Ah, a little-known quirk in my personality. I love to START things. I love to organize, develop, create, get it off the ground. I have too many ideas for my own good. I'm really excited about this new blog and now that it's officially launched, I do plan to go back to posting as Padme more often.

Finally, there's a thin blue line showing above the posts section. It doesn't show up in IE - only in Firefox (go figure). If anyone can look at the code and help me get rid of that line, I'd be very grateful!


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

A diner eh? Kind of like that sleazy bar the Tick and friends meet in? Sound like fun. I'll sign up.

4:27 PM

Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

The Tick is not Sleazy!! he is....SPOON!!!!

12:35 AM

Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Villains, I say to you now... knock off all that evil!

3:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah its sort of like crime alley bar but for us goodies :P
I will join

7:19 AM

Blogger Vegeta said...

I think Vegeta , and Wolverine will join

11:45 AM

Blogger Dexter Jettster said...

I need email addresses (the ones you use on each Blogger account) so I can invite you. Pls send email to from each character/blog you want invited. I found Vampi's on her blog, but didn't see any email for Vegeta or Wolverine.

5:58 PM

Blogger Vegeta said...

Look on the Trunks profile there is an email on there, Or if you want I can send you antoher email adress

9:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just use the same email addy...
so Vampi is in now just send 3 more invites :)

btw can you change the font to a lighter color that color blue on blue is hard on the eys :)

12:18 PM

Blogger J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Okay, seeing as how the Martian Manhunter is from space and was originally a sci-fi character I think I'll be joining.

3:33 PM


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