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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Posts

Well Jon IG said someone should be documenting whats happening and who's currently posting.

I thought I'd have a go this time round.

I'll start with the cream first.

Check out Blockade Boy If you want it done differently. If you want it done with style. Do it Blockade Boy's way. Funny, informative and willing to take the mickey out of anything.

Check out the Gender Reassignment Challenge
Its a hoot!

Try the always interesting blog of our resident educator and president of balding society Professor Charles Xavier. Chuck has Jon IG's favourite space marine Pvt. Hudson.

Of course the current blog game running Who Wants to be a Super Villain is in its final round. Its Dr Nemonock vs our lovable loyal storm trooper Tak.
Check out Lin's ultra cool verdict announcement - The verdict

Of course you can't go through a week of blogging without something from Novy.

Vampirella posted this week.

Also Batman has another blog. Its quite amazing just how many he has.
Check out Batman and the Outlaws

Ok last but not least is me.

Yes finally Captain Koma posted another part of Koma's Kosmic Oddessy please read it I'm struggling to end this damn Oddesy. I got way too many ideas for it. Ugh! Maybe it will read better as a trade.

Also I never get the spelling of Oddessy right. Can anyone help me here?

Thats that. All done. I'm going to start a tradition here.

The person who does the New Posts gets to choose who does the next one.
I choose Henchy Ha!


Blogger November Rain said...

you did great you should do it more often :P

2:42 AM


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