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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wheres the love?

Koma here. Yes thats right everyones lovable evil genius.

I'm so lovable in fact that you all have decided that I don't need anymore.

Noone has commented at Captain Koma

Chapter 12 in the Overdue story (which will soon be coming to its conclusion) has not been commented on at all *sob*

Not to mention the fact that there is now a blog for the characters in Project Spearhead

As well as this Lin has been left out in the cold (mainly because I've been searching for characters to join her in the assault on the nuclear power plant)

Oh well I might as well just end this sad little piece of self promotion with a sad poem.

Koma needs his love
He needs it really bad
He's not getting any now from Lin
He's getting pretty sad