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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


LORD Darth Vader ,The dark Lord of the Sith was resting in the bowels of the Death Star Battle station contemplating his next move to finally rid the universe of the rebel alliance once and for all.
Then he sensed someone approaching ,he could feel that the answer to eliminate the scourge of the rebels was coming to him.Then the door to his private quarters opened and one of his loyal servants entered"forgive me lord Vader for this interuption but we have found something on the ice-world of Hoth that I think you need to see"the faithfull servant stuttered.

I started this story HERE ,do you guys think I should carry it on? .It will end in a big fantasybattle with a well known horror figure

cheers guys

    Blogger poojyan said...

    Carry on.
    Your fantasy is no less than the hollywood fantasies. My all the best just now.

    2:17 AM

    Blogger Darth Vader said...

    Was that to amuse or insult me?

    9:52 AM

    Blogger Professor Xavier said...

    It's got to be Freddy.

    12:24 PM

    Blogger cooltopten said...

    poojyan:-mmmm yeah

    darth vader :-hehe wait until the conclusion.maybe it,ll do both :)

    Professor xavier:- Nope :) ,much more powerfull than freddy.The key to he horror figure is in the box.:D

    12:33 PM


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