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Sunday, September 10, 2006


We would like to say Congrats to Noel... She was our 3000 Visitor... She hit 3k on our Blog counter and for that recieves the HU Martian Award and 10 HU credits

Noel also was our 4000 Visitor so She recieces a Martian Award for 4K hits....

Let's Say Congrats to Henchman for wining 1st place on smilie wars in the forum
he recieves this trophy and 20 HU credits

Let's Say Congrats to Koma for wining 2nd place on smilie wars in the forum
he recieves this trophy and 10 HU credits

Congrats to Onieda for wining the Fun with Pictures she recieves this ribbon and 5 HU credits

Coming at the end of this month..... BLOG OF THE MONTH AWARD.... sign up on the forum to win now

Also don't forget to get your lottery ticket from the forum a new lottery drawing coming soon...

[please head over to the forum and vote about the auto refresh... poll will close end of next week]


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