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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey peeps.

Um this really stinks. I had my camera able to hook up to a T.V. so that I could record anything that happens on the T.V. this was gonna be the key thing in order to make my new site that records the overdubbed game of driv3r. I am able to put my own voice in the game while the replay is going, it fits perfectly and is quite humorous. I lost my charger to my camera a while ago, and I went to the website of the camera in order to get a new charger. I bought one, but it turned out to be this thing that you plugged into the camera and it made it just on, no charge. I was mad because I thought this is what I had to buy. I used the thing that just kept it on in order to hook it up to my T.V. so I could record, but when I did, the camera started to make a loud buzzing sound right when I plugged it in. So now I am mad. I finally bought the real charger and it is still doing the same thing. I tried my best to figure this problem out, I messed with all the settings and tried 4 different cords, 3 different T.V'S, and it just wont work. If anyone knows what is wrong or has an idea what is wrong, PLEASE tell me so that I may continue my blog.


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