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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Xmas Auction

Oike Gallery is having a Xmas Auction....
Invites have been sent and some stole... (were you the one that stole one?)
Let us know... please send POV of the Auction by friday

Send RSVP (POV) by Firday

Things to know:
Who gave the items to be auctioned: Laura Croft
Items are from: Ching Dynasty and early China
Auctioneer and Gallery owner is Ana Ishikawa (not SHI that is her alter ego)
Catered food and champane
black ties and dinner jackets
NO fighting IN the gallery (you can fight out of it or on the other levels of the trump tower)
Oike Gallery is located in Manhattan's posh Trump Tower
on Display is a vault containing the Terra Cotta Warriors that is being restored for Bejing...

The rest of your POV is up to you..... Will Trump be there trying to out bif you?
Will you get in over your head with the bidding

Let us know before friday

(Novy Characters to be present... HS, Aan Ishikawa (shi) Pantha, Carol (warbird) Natasha Romanova (BW) all other characters will NOT be there)


Blogger Kon-El said...

Trump better not try to bif me !;-D

2:16 AM


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