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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thank you .... what is going on.

First of all I want to thank those who participated in the party at Sky City. I also want to say that no matter what happens with Noel, Sky City is still open. So if you need a place to lay low, hang out, or just have fun, go to Sky City.

As for Noel, I'm not sure what will happen. If I do decide to give her up, I promise you I (myself) won't leave. I'll always be around reading blogs and hanging out in the forums. I haven't really decided what I want to do just yet.

But I am thinking about doing a Diary blog of Noel's. I started a few posts early on, but since a lot of you are new, I'm sure not everyone has read them yet. This blog will be written as diary entries and be about Noel's childhood. And as with the above topic, I haven't fully decided yet.


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