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Friday, September 01, 2006

New month means votes and winners

Soon Vegeta will start the forum voting for the smilie war
!st place gets trophy and 20 HU credits
2nd place gets a trophy and 10 hu credits

By default (for playing with himself) Vegeta wins the Stupid Death match this month ... Now worth 50 Hu Credits

Lottery has started again and is at 230 HU credits

Prof X (an admin) is still in the dunking booth 5 HU credits will get you 3 pies or 3 balls and the right to 'roast', 'rib', and basically make fun of him

for 10 HU credits you can replace Prof X with another HU member

The betting room is opened and currently taking bets on who will win LSG right now the money is on Henchy

starting this month Blog of the Month award... to enter submit your blog name and character name in the critics forum (at the blogs) at the end of the month a poll will be held and all who submit will have a chance at a trophy and HU credits


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