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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Starbucker: I guess I should expose myself here

errr... I mean - "introduce" myself here.

My name?
There are some who call me....Drew?
manufacturing/engineering director/product manager/know-it-all

Why're you doing this?
fun...and escape. Big Sci-fi fan. Just following Yoda's, Han's and ol' Ben's footsteps. So glad to see so many hop on board.

Why Fluke Starbucker? He's not even a real character, for crying out loud.
Actually he is, though not from Star Wars. He's a spoof....from possibly the first indy parody of SW called "Hardware Wars" that came out in 1977. I think I read somewhere that Lucas considered it his fav parody of Ep4. If you're into bad , bad low budget, low-tech movies that are built on stupidity, making fun of an original, and are just plain cheesy ( I'm looking at you, Leia), you should make an attempt to locate a copy and check it out. I assure you, you will want a refund of whatever money you paid to rent it, and you be sorely disappointed, but that's most of the beauty of it.

Let's take a quick look at one memorable moment from Hardware Wars:

Fluke Starbucker: Jeepers! What is it, Augie Ben Doggie? Did you feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced?
Auggie Ben Doggie: No, just a little headache.

Anyway, with Fluke, I can whine like Luke did in the movies and complain about people confusing me for Luke, and often, I'll try to very closely mimic the Luke from the screen. For example - the message I sent to Obi about my missing Lightsabre way back in my blog was written as a parallel with Leia's message to Obi from EP4 in mind. Fluke entering Jabba's lair was written to resemble Luke's entrance in Ep6.... I've done a few other parallels, but can't remember where now...

...but here's what I really like - I'm not trapped into being Luke, or anyone else for that matter. I am free to be whatever, so I can guiltlessly make fun of anything - SW, or Trek, or any other galaxy.

Generally, Fluke is me - Drew - personified in a blog character - he's naive, tenderhearted, competitive, and good-natured. He will always push for good to triumph, and likes to look at the bright side of any and all situations. He roots for everybody to go above and beyond themselves to overcome whatever obstacle they're up against.

You like to post 5 days a week, where do you get ideas?
Normally it's off the cuff as they hit me, or I may play on something from any of the Star Wars - or your - blogs - like with Aayla's rescue way early on. But on that one, I attempted to think ahead some, and it hurt my brain, and didn't flow as well as I would've liked.

Oh, and about the M-F... *looks out on production floor to see if anyone's paying attention, then whispers*: Yes, I strictly blog at work. shhhhh! Don't tell anybody. I'm very busy aside from the blog, and sometimes come in early or stay late to do it. Some weeks I've had to resort to putting up nonsense images - or cutting my posting back to only 2 or 3 times a week.

GIS and YIS produce slightly different results on searches. I also Photoshop and Paint and recently a little Gimp, and have a fairly large collection of old and new manipulated images that I like to write around.

Tips and tricks I know from blogging?
Fluke is my first blog. I'm still learning from you guys.

They're good. I like them: reading them and leaving them.

I never would've imagined this would be this much fun.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Welcome Fluke!

........ 'bout time.

8:04 PM

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hardware Wars! I saw that one. Cheesy, extremely low budget, and absolutely very little sense. Of course I saw it along time ago when I was just a kid. Maybe it was really brilliant. I'll see if I can find it on Kazaa.

1:39 PM


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