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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Phoenix Rising

Okay. My name is Remington, but you can call me Remy. I'm a 20 yr old comic fan from Texas, and have loved the X-Men since I first saw The Animated Series.

Alright. On to Jean.

Why did I start a blog like this?
Well, I started with one of my friends, who plays Emma. I love to RP, and this was just another way to do so. My first choice would have been Emma, but she was already being used by my friend. I had been reading Professor Xavier's blog and thought it looked like fun, so I thought "Who could I be, and still have fun?" Which leads me to the second question:

Why did I choose Jean?
I just loved the fact that I could go back and forth with her. Playing off the whole Phoenix/Dark Phoenix thing. I would play her more true to character, but I liked it when she would just lose it. It also meant for lots of back and forth with Emma, and some picking on Scott. I always try to have fun with her, and she is one of my favourite characters.

If you post often, where do you get your ideas?
Mainly I go off of Professor and the other X-Bloggers. But sometimes I use the comics and cartoons, and especially the Phoenix. I never realized that some of my posts would actually influence some of the other bloggers as well.

Where do you find pictures to post?
Google usually. I have alot of my own, and sometimes I use Photoshop, but not often.

So. That's it. Heh. I guess.. if you have questions or something... or whatever. Hi. And stuff.


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hi Remy. Kind if suprised you didn't pick Gambit. ;}
Just as well as he's a bit of a punch line. Phoenix was obviously a good choice. I enjoy your blog and I'm glad you're here. One of the things I like is the sense of community that's building.

8:05 AM

Blogger Private Hudson said...

Wait, Jean's a dude?

Oh man, game over.

OK OK, welcome.

10:58 AM

Blogger Master Yoda said...


12:56 PM

Blogger Deadpool said...

Welcome man!

2:39 PM

Blogger Jean Grey-Summers said...

Yeah, yeah. I'm a dude. And thanks everyone!

4:55 PM

Blogger Vegeta said...


4:56 PM

Blogger Gaia said...

Like, totally hi!

1:59 PM


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